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What about the human element?

Where are we headed?

As much as I appreciate the benefits that advances in technology have brought us, I ponder whether those advances will ever fully and in any way meaningfully replace the human element.  Would we even desire to have such a world, ultimately? In this new moon’s edition of Soul Notes, I offer a poem.

Humanly elemental

Industrial revolution


Cloud computing

Electronic mail

Socket layers

Virtual fire walls

Machine learning

Pattern recognition

Human recognition

Human evolution

Human revolution

Artificial intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Intelligence quotient

Self-serve check-out stands

Vending machines



Swipe and go


Robot dolls

Human interaction removed



What happens to connection

Hand to hand

Heart to heart

Human pulse

Life force

Life source

Life blood

Batteries already included

Artificial anything not needed

What’s needed






For your consideration:

Have we gone too far with technology? Or, have we not gone far enough? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?

Okay, your turn:

Where in your life have you found advances in technology to be your saving grace? When at times have you simply stepped away from technology and turned instead toward other life enhancing alternatives?

I invite you to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences by leaving a Reply in the Comments section, below. Soul-to-soul!

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  1. Gloria Bassoli
    Gloria Bassoli says:

    Technology could allow us the time and headspace to do so much good, because we are not alone on the planet and we should be nurturing and sharing this beautiful living organism and all the species we share it with. Instead of that, we have used technology to opt out, to become desensitised and to block out all the uncomfortable facts that would require us to actually take a stand and make a difference. Not all of us, of course. There are some who are still clinging on to using our brains rather than letting a machine do it all for us. Let’s hope the changes we need to make to the way we use energy will cut out a lot of the superfluous technological advances that are turning our brains to mush and building walls between the individual and the rest of the planet.


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