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Valuing Your Independence: A Journey to Self-Empowerment

Independence is a powerful concept, evoking images of freedom, self-reliance, and the ability to shape your destiny. Whether it is achieving financial independence, emotional autonomy, or breaking free from limiting beliefs, claiming your independence is a transformative journey. Here is a guide to embarking on this empowering path: 1. Understand What Independence Means to You […]

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Embracing the Summer Solstice: Bright Lights and Peak Point Reflections

As the ‘longest’ day of the year, the Summer Solstice is a time of abundant sunlight and warmth, offering a perfect opportunity for reflection and rejuvenation. This annual event, occurring this year on June 20th in the Northern hemisphere, symbolizes not only a peak in daylight but also a peak in our own personal energies […]

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Navigating the Competing Impulses of Success and Self-Protection

Throughout our lives, desire acts as a powerful force, as we infuse our goals with meaning and purpose. Our innate protection mechanisms often stand as barriers, though, hindering our progress and holding us back. How can we integrate effectively these contrasting forces and still move forward successfully? Let us delve into this interplay. Desire for […]

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New growth

New growth In the quiet hush of dawn Where shadows flee and light finds room There blooms in nature a sacred place. From earth’s deep heart, a whispering call, In every bud in each verdant sprawl Renewal sings above it all. New life appears Without compare. The song of birds in skies above A chorus […]

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New beginnings

New beginnings A whisper in the wind A blank page untouched by time In the sliver of dawn Where shadows fall back behind The horizon line Faith blooms anew In the silent space A promise of what may yet unfold Among the secrets Still untold Like dewdrops on petals In soft morning light A dance […]

Gift exchanges

Gift exchanges Silly socks for Uncle Lou A cool new puzzle for Auntie Pru Candles, books, and homemade treats Tokens of love so, so sweet  In this exchange, it’s not the cost But rather the caringness that’s never lost It’s the joy of giving, the joy of receiving That makes the season so worth believing. […]

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Giving thanks A source of grace A way of seeing A way of being Finding space In every challenge Every sunrise Every sunset For in the depth Of a thankful Heart There remains A start Of something new Something true For you Okay, your turn: For what and whom are you thankful? Does it take […]

The air grows crisp

The air grows crisp As daytime shortens and colors burst with flame As nature’s grand finale Resplendent harvest’s golden mane The veil between our world and the next grows ever thin As spirits of the past draw near and ancient songs begin In the quiet of the orchard beneath the silver moon We feel the […]