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Forced oneness

Forced Oneness COVID-19 doesn’t care where you’re from It doesn’t check for your passport Or your citizenship Or your next of kin   It doesn’t ask whether you have the new state-issued “Real ID” With the special star symbol on it   COVID-19 doesn’t care how great you were Or claim to be Or whether […]

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Wholly holy night and day, into the light

All that is holy With this season of holy nights and holy lights illuminating the darkness and lighting our path, we await each new dawn. We emerge into the day’s light, having risen from our moments of respite and retreat.  I write this symbolically and yet from the physical realm, too.  The deeper the well, […]

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Thankful for the bounty

Thankful for the bounty and all the riches Stemming from the Latin bonitas, meaning “good,” bounty refers to all the goodness that one harvests. This week is an ideal time to consider the bountiful riches in our lives.  Take a moment to reflect on the abundance all around. There’s richness in all the planet provides, […]