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New beginnings

New beginnings A whisper in the wind A blank page untouched by time In the sliver of dawn Where shadows fall back behind The horizon line Faith blooms anew In the silent space A promise of what may yet unfold Among the secrets Still untold Like dewdrops on petals In soft morning light A dance […]

Gift exchanges

Gift exchanges Silly socks for Uncle Lou A cool new puzzle for Auntie Pru Candles, books, and homemade treats Tokens of love so, so sweet  In this exchange, it’s not the cost But rather the caringness that’s never lost It’s the joy of giving, the joy of receiving That makes the season so worth believing. […]

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Giving thanks A source of grace A way of seeing A way of being Finding space In every challenge Every sunrise Every sunset For in the depth Of a thankful Heart There remains A start Of something new Something true For you Okay, your turn: For what and whom are you thankful? Does it take […]

The air grows crisp

The air grows crisp As daytime shortens and colors burst with flame As nature’s grand finale Resplendent harvest’s golden mane The veil between our world and the next grows ever thin As spirits of the past draw near and ancient songs begin In the quiet of the orchard beneath the silver moon We feel the […]

Here’s to the Equinox

Here’s to the Equinox In harmonious flux Of stillness in time So sublime Embrace the equilibrium At the foundation, and amidst the flow. For in the heart of autumn, spirits grow ever so fonder as we ponder what is meant for us for evermore or less we may confess to opening up to all the […]

The intoxicating fragrance

The intoxicating fragrance of jasmine and honeysuckle wafting through the warm, humid August dusky air Treading softly are we Barefoot on the grass Letting the tiny dewy droplets Tickle between our toes As we cross the ever darkening meadow Then so lost are we in the magical mystery of the steamy night and so found […]

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A bonfire blazes

Amidst this sultry realm, with nature at its prime A bonfire blazes tall, a beacon in the night Its crackling flames like whispers with wisdom to uncoil Inviting us to gather ’round and to let our spirits sail The bonfire’s glow, a mesmerizing sight to behold It paints the evening sky with dancing hints of […]

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June’s solstice brings

June’s solstice brings Tall flowers and a shower or two upon the desert An oasis is forming and bubbling beneath the surface Oh gathering solstice sympathy of souls When the sun is done and down Is it really ever down? As we honor June’s solstice may we see its shining wisdom among the shadows peeking […]