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Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition Do you see it? The pattern? The whole picture or a piece a portion a sliver a slice a thread Fractals in the ridgeline that can be misconstrued when taken out of context out of frame out of place no longer where they belong You are slushing through the trail after heavy rainfall […]


Merriment Meant for merrymaking makes for the merriest of the merry in the darkest moments remember Mary The light appears to shine through even more brightly than ever before so that you cannot miss it during those darkest moments. Okay, your turn: As with other poignant moments in life, the holiday season can bring up […]

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Falling into Fall

Falling into Fall Relaxing into the flow of it The know of it Even if parts of it remain unknown. Unknowable Indefatigable Unreasonable Unseasonably able capable allowable receivable welcomed within with thankfulness and peace. Subliminal in the liminal Folding into the inner, inter lands Okay, your turn: What is it about Autumn (also known as […]

Shooting for the fences

Truth or consequences Shooting for the fences the defenseless Tragedy from the confines of a troubled mind with no mind for the memories of Columbine And so many others Who’s next in line? Heartless cruelty inflicting pain on purpose without purpose in any redeemable way Which is all to say that evil bleeds through in […]

In the quiet

In the quiet the sound sounds louder In the darkness the light lights brighter Can you hear it? Can you see it? You can You can You certainly can, can Dance the can-can Spring has sprung! into a new moon and into soon the merry merriment of Beltane. High kicks galore! Okay, your turn: What […]