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Remember how passionate and driven you were, coming out of law school?

Passionate and Driven Woman
1st Amendment

Remember how passionate and driven you were coming out of law school?  If you’re like me, you had aspirations of a legal career filled with deep meaningpurpose, and the opportunity to serve on behalf of the greater good.  You truly had dreams of changing the world!

Studying for Law Degree

Then, you got a job at a big firm, which was great! But over time, your focus has moved away from your ideals and instead to focusing purely on becoming partner. And as you’ve been gaining more responsibility, you’re losing your willingness to try to handle everything, and ‘keep it all together’. More and more every day you’re questioning whether it’s worth it.

Questioning your career

It’s taking its toll on your spirit and your overall joie de vivre. Even worse, your law practice is starting to suffer, and you don’t know how to turn it around. Deep down, you know the writing’s on the wall:  That either you’re going to have to change careers, or change how you engage in law. You cannot continue to do it the same way you’ve been doing it. 

Student studying hard

You know that you don’t want to toss it all away.

Overwhelmed by work
Overwhelmed by my job

In your heart of hearts, you know that you don’t want to toss it all away.  And, frankly it doesn’t make sense to you to do that, after all the expense of your career.

Look – I know you’ve got a great mind.  And, your great mind is what got you through law school and helped you pass the Bar. But, your mind alone cannot bring you meaning.  It can’t help you find the kind of support you desire.  It can’t help you live a life of harmony and joy.  For that, we need some additional tools– the kinds of tools that you didn’t go to law school for.

Let’s create a different scenario, and turn this around!

Hope Faith Peace Love Joy
Turn your life around


What I do is, I help develop latent skill sets and capacities related to creating meaning, creating communities of support, and building upon your many talents and gifts.

And, with those skills fully developed, combined with your tremendous intellect, we can create an environment where your practice gets renewed, where your passion gets renewed, and where your path forward is made clear.

Your practice gets renewed,

Your passion gets renewed,

And your path forward is made clear.

Renewed Passion
Renewed Practice

And, that’s exactly what I’m offering you.

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Testimonials –
What Clients Are Saying


Before I started working with Lori, I felt like I was wandering lost in a relentless fog around how to get started on making my dream job a reality.  Then, Lori worked her magic and the fog was lifted.  I am now crystal clear about my path. I have already made great progress, and have the confidence and clarity to make my dreams come true, thanks to Lori’s unique set of skills and her way of peering right into your heart.


It is a true pleasure working with Lori.  She has a natural gift for coaching and getting to the heart. Before working with Lori, I was feeling very stuck and unable to accomplish some of the simplest goals. I had no idea what was standing in my way, but Lori gracefully asked the tough questions (a little tough love, if you will!) that really dug deep and helped me to unlock some of my self imposed obstacles. She has a rare ability to put you at ease, make you feel heard, and empowered. Her visualization exercise was so clear, I could finally see myself building the career of my dreams.  I’ve been able to apply the tools she provided in many aspects of my life.