Money and

other economic


Designed to and do

hit right in the deep pockets

of one man’s


destructive impulses


Global banking system

shuts down invisible borders

Invisible access

in a manner

not possible

80 years



Sanctions to restrain

the dictatorial power employed by a


Head of State

in a state

of an unfettered dominance

Power not shared

Not among the people

Not on behalf of the people

But rather at the cost

Of the people

Their lives

And their livelihoods

For your consideration:

One man’s tyrannical actions have been met with a collective resistance. Rather than succumb to unprovoked aggression, the people of Ukraine and across the world have unified in a way perhaps most unexpected. In this, there is hope. Economic sanctions help.

Okay, your turn:

In what way, if at all, do you feel a shared sense of kinship with those who are left to suffer at the hands of an erratic and egomaniacal enemy? Do you agree with economic sanctions as an effective tactic? Does our current world of cyberbanking increase the effectiveness?

I invite you to share your observations, feelings, and experiences by leaving a Reply in the Comments section, below. Soul-to-soul!

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