Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition

Do you see it?

The pattern?

The whole picture

or a piece

a portion

a sliver

a slice

a thread

Fractals in the ridgeline

that can be misconstrued

when taken out of context

out of frame

out of place

no longer where they belong

You are slushing through the trail

after heavy rainfall

Stream velocity gathering strength

Urging you down

the pathway

in the canyon

Every step

is important

and meaningful

on its own

Alas, you’re fully immersed

Where the pattern,

the trail,

the way forward

is no longer


It hasn’t disappeared

nor have you.

All remains as a whole and in part

Yet nothing stays




Okay, your turn:

What is it like to be aware that everything is part of a pattern? Does it help to know that everything is also evolving and ever-changing? Does that feel comforting or disconcerting? Or, neither?

I invite you to share your observations, feelings, and experiences by leaving a Reply in the Comments section, below. Soul-to-soul!

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